by Sean Godsell


What is bluemodem?  Bluemodem is a program that will configure
and connect to a bluetooth modem (like a cell phone).  The bluemodem
command will also list all the bluetooth devices in both the cache
(history) and all active devices.  You can get other commands to
do this as well.  But none of them will automatically find the 
DUN channel, setup and run rfcomm.  Bluemodem will then wait and make
sure rfcomm is connected and run pppd.  Also bluemodem will update
the systems /etc/resolv.conf file to reflect the cell providers dns.


To obtain the source code and binary for linux then go 


The first thing to run is

If everything is okay then run

and then
	make install


Bluemodem uses configuration files, which it has the capability to setup and
configure.  To have and interactive configuration, type in the following:
	bluemodem -c

To setup a configuration none interactivly, you will use the same -c option.
The only difference is you must pass three paramaters as a minimum.
	bluemodem -c <cfgname> <devname/address> <phone#/access#>

The first parameter is the configuration name, the 2nd is the bluetooth device
name or the address, the 3rd parameter is the phone # or the phone providers
access #.  The last 3 parameters are optional.  They are timeout (in seconds),
baud rate, and the system device to connect to the phone eg:(/dev/rfcommX)


To run bluemodem just type in at a command prompt 'bluemodem'.  A list of
options will be displayed.  You can also get help by typing in 'bluemode -h'.

To list all configurations:
	bluemodem -l

To list all devices:
	bluemodem -s

To configure or reconfigure bluemodem interactivly (prompted)
	bluemodem -c

To configure or reconfigure bluemodem none interactivly
	bluemodem -c <cfgname> <devname/address> <phone #/access #> \
                     <timeout in seconds> <baud rate> <rfcomm device>

If only the <phone #/access #> is passed then the timeout and baud rate
value will default to (timeout = 25 seconds) and (baud rate = 115200).

Connecting to device:
        bluemodem <config name>

Stopping a connection:
	bluemodem -d <config name>


- Make a gui front end for bluemodem
- Get a list of providers and connection phone #s